Adjuncts and Contingents Together

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A great article featuring contingent faculty voices from across Washington lays out why these professors are fighting for their union.

The Gonzaga adjuncts also say they earn much less than adjuncts in public colleges and universities. They have no job security, no health benefits and little, if any, voice regarding the direction of their workplace, those who are backing the union drive say.

Signatures are currently being gathered to form a union on GU’s Spokane campus.

“We’re not whining,” said Scott Kinder-Pyle, an adjunct who teaches philosophy and religion at GU. “It’s a privilege to teach. It’s a privilege to teach at Gonzaga. We just want an equal, legal standing.”

The Student Government of Seattle University conducted a survey of what students think about their adjunct and contingent professors’ fight to form a union. And then they put together an AWESOME infographic:

Left to right: Michael Viola (B.A. Liberal Studies), Elizabeth Burke (B.A. Liberal Studies), Donald Comstock (Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change), Ormond Smythe (B.A. Liberal Studies)

On May 15, contingent faculty at Antioch University submitted official paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to form a union with SEIU Local 925.

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